If you’ve been in recently you probably know that we rolled out a brand new menu design last month. We now have some fresh boxes to match! Thanks to our incredible designer Rachel, they’re the perfect reflection of all the things we stand for – look closely and you’ll see a variety of quality ingredients, our NY-style Statue of Liberty, the Chicago ‘Bean’ to represent our Deep Dish, and some beer glasses because . . . well, duh.

So now that these babies are here and ready for action, we want to see what you do with them! Not only are they great coloring pages for the kiddos, but we happen to think that they’re classy enough to take around town.


Everyone wants to get outside and enjoy these beautiful summer days, but that doesn’t mean you can’t eat well while you’re at it! When you take your pizza on the go, snap a photo for Instagram and tag it


We’ll be sharing your most creative shots on our feed, and at the end of each month we’ll choose a favorite.

The winner will earn 1,000 points on their Loyalty Card – 

that’s a $50 credit to use here at Regents! 

We can’t wait to see where your pizza adventures take you!